6 Surprising Health Benefits of Resveratrol Supplements

November 18, 2019

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Resveratrol Supplements

You must have heard from your loved ones that red wine is an excellent dietary option if you want to lower cholesterol levels in your body.

If yes - then it is accurate. This is due to the presence of a fantastic plant supplement - resveratrol compound in red wine.

Resveratrol is essentially a plant compound that works like an antioxidant and present in food sources like grapes, plums, berries, wine, and peanuts. (1)

According to various authentic research studies, resveratrol supplement offers some exciting health benefits like lower blood pressure level, proper brain functioning, adaptive immunity, cardiovascular protective, antiplatelet, antioxidant, and much more. (2) (3)

Here is a list of top 6 surprising health benefits of Resveratrol Supplement:

Lower Blood Sugar Level in Body

Lower Blood Sugar Level in Body

The antioxidant properties of resveratrol make it a highly effective supplement in terms of ensuring a proper blood sugar level in the human body.


A 2015 health review study also confirms this fact where the results indicate that applying a high dose of this supplement on the body reduces the pressure on the artery walls when the heart is beating.

When arteries go stiffening with age, systolic blood pressure goes high in the human body: a possible cause for heart disease.

Resveratrol is influential in terms of lowering the blood pressure in the human body as it assists in producing more nitric oxide, which relaxes the blood vessels in the body.

Control Blood Fats

A 2016 health research study results also confirmed this fact where the average total cholesterol levels and the bodyweight of the mice involved in the laboratory test decreased after giving him resveratrol supplements. As an antioxidant, resveratrol also decreases the “bad” LDL cholesterol level in the human body. (4)

Ensure Proper Brain Functioning

Proper Brain Functioning

Various health research studies (5, 6, 7) in the past have shown that resveratrol supplement-based wine helps in slowing down the age-related cognitive decline in the body.


The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of resveratrol supplements are the main elements behind this supplement’s effectiveness is proper brain functioning. This supplement compound also has the capacity to protect brain cells from damage, according to an authentic study. (8)

It Facilitates Insulin Sensitivity

According to past health studies, resveratrol has shown several benefits in terms of eradicating diabetes and increasing insulin sensitivity in the body, especially animals. (9)

When it comes to people diagnosed with diabetes, resveratrol offers various other benefits like protection against oxidative stress, activates AMPK, and decreases inflammation in the body.

Provide Relieve From Joint Pain

joint pain relief

As per the past health studies, plant-based supplements are highly effective when it comes to treating or preventing joint pain in the human body.

Resveratrol is no different from such plant-based supplements as it has shown positive results in one of the past animal health studies by treating the knee joint of a rabbit. (10)

It Eradicates Cancer Cells from Body

Various health studies (11, 12) results in the past have shown that resveratrol is useful in terms of eradicating multiple kinds of cancer cells, including colon, skin, gastric, breast from the body.

Although most of these studies have been conducted on animals and test tubes, hence, much more research is needed to unleash the full potential of resveratrol in treating human cancer therapy.


Summing Up…!

It can be easily said that resveratrol is a potent plant-based antioxidant with the capability to treat various health problems like blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, etc. in the human body.

One can get this plant-based antioxidant from quality supplement powders like Pure Trans-Resveratrol, which is readily available in the market.

Pure Trans-Resveratrol is the most trusted & top-rated organic and vegan-friendly supplement powder than one can use to avail all the health benefits of resveratrol antioxidants. Pure Trans-Resveratrol supplement powder is also free from soy, gluten, dairy, and any herbicides & pesticides.


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