Ask Raw Nutritional: Top-Selling Flavors of Vegan Pro

octobre 04, 2019

Ask Raw Nutritional: Top-Selling Flavors of Vegan Pro

Currently, our Vegan Pro Protein is available in four flavors - Maple-vanilla, Coffee-Wafers, Butterscotch, and Chocolate.

Both new and existing users who want to try our unique flavor of Vegan Pro often ask us the following question:

“Which One Is Your Best-Selling or Tastiest Flavor?”

Honestly, it is slightly difficult for us to determine the tastiest flavors because we genuinely believe that all our Vegan Pro flavors are unique and different. But if the words of our customers are to be believed, then our most tasty flavor IS… Maple-Vanilla.

We knew there were many fans of maple vanilla, but we had not expected so overwhelming response. Most of our customers who use Vegan Pro Maple-Vanilla flavor are quite happy with it and absolutely love the flavor.

Coffee-wafers, Butterscotch, and Chocolate are the next best-tasting flavors of Vegan Pro, as reported by the users.

Vegan pro is a plant-based protein blend that is made of pure, organic ingredients. The primary sources of this tasty protein powder are organic yellow pea protein isolate and organic grounded flax seeds. Thanks to these high-protein foods, each scoop of Vegan Pro is able to give you about 20 g of your daily needs.


As for the flavor, we have a strict “no artificial ingredient” policy, which means we avoid using any type of unnatural or artificial flavors or sweeteners in our products. If you look at the labels closely, you will find that all our Vegan Pro flavors contain entirely natural and organic flavors.

For instance, Our Coffee Wafers and Chocolate Vegan Pro powder contains natural 100% pure cacao to give it a chocolate flavor that’s soothing to the tongue and easy to digest. Similarly, the butterscotch flavor of Vegan Pro contains all-natural caramel and vanilla flavor.

Moreover, we use fully organic coconut sugar to provide Vegan Pro with a naturally sweet taste, without having to use any artificial and harmful sweeteners. This ensures that our product remains as healthy as it is tasty.

At Raw Nutritional, we are committed to developing and delivering only the best-quality, plant-based, and organic protein supplements. Our products are suitable to be used by everyone, including health-conscious women and people on-the-go.

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