Trans-Resveratrol... The wine thing, right?


    Due to the low percentage of absorption of Resveratrol found in food, as little as 25%, supplementing your daily routine with Pure Trans-Resveratrol is an easy way to get all the powerful benefits it can procure. The metabolizing rate of this compound is pretty quick, which causes the difficulty of absorption. The high (but not too much) dosage of our product will please your body.



    Founded in the skin of the grape, resveratrol is produced as a defense against toxins. Commonly known to be the healthy compound in red wine. 

    Resveratrol? Trans-resveratrol? Pure resveratrol? 

    Resveratrol is only the name of the compound, destined to be used for the supplement market at differents level of quality and purity. Trans-resveratrol is the active ingredient in a resveratrol supplement. Somes Trans-resveratrol founded on the market claimed "trans-resveratrol" and only put 50, 20 or even 10 percent in the product. Here's why, at Raw Nutritionals, we are offering you Pure trans-Resveratrol, a 100 percent purity product. Trans Resveratrol, compare to Cis Resveratrol is the highest quality, allowing your body a much better rate of absorption and bioavailability.



    • Protect against heart disease
    • Lower insulin resistance 
    • Reduce blood pressure
    • Promote fat cell production (in favor of long-term fat loss)
    • Antioxidants effective on brain and nervous system
    • Reduce oxidative stress
    • Improve estrogen metabolism
    • Has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties



    Take one serving (one capsule) daily during a meal.


    If you are currently pregnant or nursing, consult a physician prior to use. Keep out of the reach of children. Please consult your physician or the appropriately licensed professional before engaging in a program of exercise or nutritional supplementation. Although this product may not contain one or all of the following, this product is manufactured in a facility that handles milk, soy, egg, peanut, nut, tree, fish, crustaceans/shellfish, and wheat products.

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