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Verified Buyer

The texture is CRAZY smooth in shakes and smoothies. Best protein I tried, and I'm not even vegan. Ordered 2 days ago, got it today! Thanks, God bless.

-Gloria P  Vancouver, BC, Canada

Verified Buyer

Just spoke with someone over the phone to ask a quick question, awesome customer service. I'm so in love with your coffee wafers Vegan Pro. It is the best protein I've ever tried in my 15 years of being vegan.

- Anna F.  Santa Monica, CA, United States

Verified Buyer

Oh mon dieu. Meilleure protéine ever, merci tellement 😭🙏🏻 C’est tellement difficile de trouver une protéine vegan qui goûte bon ET qui est bonne pour la santé. Super service aussi. J’ai commandé hier matin et reçu aujourd’hui. Je suis vraiment satisfaite.

- Audrey S.  Montréal, QC, Canada

Verified Buyer

Generally I don’t respond to companies sending me emails about “items left in my cart” but I just have to say, you guys are the ONLY company that doesn’t give me bloat or bad taste and I love your product .

- Owen B.  Ennismore, ON, Canada

Verified Buyer

This stuff is drugs! Honestly addictive! My toddler has issues and there's no toddler formula for vegan kids to chunk up. All have milk. My Dr. agrees this is safe and a great choice, much better than the kid's weight formula shakes available on the market and my kid chugged the maple vanilla back. This stuff just made our tropical vacation a lot more doable. the price is unreal too. I'm beyond excited.

- Nathalie K  Toronto, ON, Canada

Verified Buyer

Hey there! I got your protein powder this year at the Ottawa Veg Fest and it is the BEST protein powder I have EVER tasted! I have had so many different kinds; never was able to drink any of them (only mix them with things) but this one I enjoy drinking and crave 😍😍😍 Thank you Thank you thank you for making something so amazing!

- Elina T  Ottawa, ON, Canada

Verified Buyer

I can't believe how easy it is to cook with your protein. I'm making so much of your recipes with the vegan protein and my husband doesn't even notice it. Your products are a must-have in our household. We need to have at least 3 flavors at all times.

- Rebecca S  Lancaster, PA, United States