"The first RAW Nutritional's concept has been created on the corner of a table. After reading papers about how the fitness and manufacturing industry was cheated and profit-focused, we started doubting every product we were consuming.

We came with the idea that IF we owned our facilities and manufactured our own products, we would be 100% sure of what's inside and what's not.

We then started brainstorming about this superfoods and vegan protein line. Early in the evening, Samuel was focusing on designing a simple but effective branding while I was looking for which superfoods should be included in our new product line. Next thing we knew, 5 hours had passed by, and we were still there creating and searching

For many weeks, we designed this brand from scratch. We especially focused on the vegan protein. We didn't want a sandy texture, a brown rice protein filled with heavy metals, a taste that isn't sweet enough or has many artificial sweeteners. This is how we came up with that unique formula of the Vegan pro, trials, and trials later.

The Vegan Pro is our best-seller since it is a unique and different formula from everything else on the market. Both Samuel and I were vegetarians before RAW Nutritional but never made the jump to a completely vegan lifestyle. The challenge holding us back was the stress of not being able to reach a high protein diet without getting bored and having to consume those vegan proteins on the market. Once we tasted the last and final formula of the Vegan Pro, Samuel and I looked at each other and smiled: we knew we would now be able to be vegan with this kind of protein in our morning shake and oatmeal. Since then, many people and even our friends who aren't vegan changed their whey protein for this vegan protein. This is how delicious our vegan protein is!

The superfoods are an add-on to our lines, providing specific benefits to everyone. 

Briefly, our facility is up and running and employs young and passionate adults from our area. We know what's inside our products, how the quality isn't compromised, how people who work for us are well treated and how our Health Canada facility is maintained." 

— Sandrine

Preaching health from within is our main concern, but we never erased the next sentence from our mind and work ethic:

"Success means nothing without integrity."



Provide the highest and finest quality superfoods, as well as enhancing health, boosting energy and improving your daily routine.


~ Health

Our products are organic, using no pesticides, fertilizers or GMOs. They contain the maximum level of vitamins and minerals per calorie, making them some of the most complete foods on the market. Our products have a positive impact on the mind, body, and soul. Our superfoods and dietary supplements have a transformative effect on metabolism, mood and energy levels.

~ Socially Responsible

We preach fairtrade practices and establish partnerships with farmers, where a fair price is paid for our products. We ensure that workers and growers are remunerated equitably too. We support farming practices that have been revealed over the evolution of time to increase yield and complement characteristics of the natural conditions. Reducing our carbon footprint by including strategies to recycle, minimize waste, limit water usage and conserve energy is what we are doing. We understand the value of protecting our environment throughout the restoration of soil serving our product, complimentary planting, and crop rotation to ensure an optimal food supply for future generations.

~ Innovative

We develop products that are raw, pure and simple. We refuse to work with fillers and thus reduce the quality of our products. We source our foods from countries around the world and are ready to continue like this and create more miraculous plant-based products. Providing a variety of nutrient-dense foods and supplements that are easily fit into a modern, busy lifestyle is part of our mission.

~ Quality Driven

Our foods are pure, clean and always maintain their original nutritional value. Our products are certified organic, non-GMO, kosher and gluten-free. Our plant-based foods bring positivity and a tasty touch to every aspect of a sustainable, healthy journey. We work with our suppliers to settle the highest quality of superfoods to represent our purpose.