10 Questions for a Vegan

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If you're curious about the vegan lifestyle and diet, this article may help you find some answers to your questions. Nowadays, veganism is becoming more popular, and I'm sure you'll want some information on the subject. Here are 10 frequently asked questions answered by one of our amazing writers.

10 Questions for a Vegan

As a vegan, I often get a lot of questions... In this article, I take some time to answer a few of them!

1. Is it restrictive to be vegan?

It can easily seem restrictive if you don't know about the vegan products and recipes that already exist. Many of our meals are considered vegan, and people don't even know it (such as peanut butter toast, marinara pasta, ratatouille, couscous salads, nuts, etc.). Also, nowadays, it's easier to find vegan recipes online that are extremely simple and easy to prepare, including only ingredients found in supermarkets. In the last few years, vegan products have exploded on the market, which gives consumers large possibilities in terms of plant-based products.

2. Are you eating enough protein?

Too much, actually! It's so easy to find vegan protein that I guarantee you that I eat it a lot. We don't need to consume a huge amount of protein, and it was proven a long time ago. There are so many sources of vegan protein: tofu, tempeh, beans, vegetable protein powder, textured vegetable protein (TVP), seitan, quinoa, and more!

3. Aren't you afraid of having nutritional deficiencies (vitamins, iron, calcium, etc.)?

A carnivorous person can also suffer from nutritional deficiencies if they are not careful with their diet. Knowing that I eat well and take a good variety of healthy foods, no, I am not afraid!

4. I understand why you don't eat meat, but what's the deal with eggs and dairy?

Since I'm not a nutritionist, I won't talk about the health effects of consuming eggs and dairy products. Still, I strongly suggest you do some research about it, plus their harmful sides. When it comes to animal suffering, dairy cows and chickens' living conditions are just as inhumane as animals raised for slaughter. Animal exploitation is not only about the death of the animals, but also about their imposed conditions throughout their lives.

5. Does a vegan diet help losing weight?

This question comes up so often! As a vegan, I can eat fries, chips, veggie burgers, candies, etc. (basically, all kinds of fried foods and sweets)! So, no, a vegan diet won't necessarily mean you will lose weight.

6. It must be difficult to eat out (friends, family, restaurants, travelling, etc.)?

Unfortunately, it depends a lot on the people around you... Some may be curious and try to cook vegan meals for you! Otherwise, I bring my own food, which is not more difficult than making lunch for work. In restaurants, there are now a lot of vegan options. I always recommend looking at the menu beforehand to see if they offer some vegan options or even meals that can easily be modified (for example, removing the cheese from the pizza)! While travelling, it can be more challenging, depending on where you are, but we always find a way to get by!

7. What about honey? Is it vegan?

I think this product is quite controversial in the vegan world. I personally don't consume it. Honey comes from the exploitation of bees, and some of the methods used to get honey are very harmful to them.

8. Do you miss eating animal products?

Absolutely not! I had a long transition to veganism, which allowed me to discover foods that I love. For me, they perfectly replace certain meats and cheeses. After several months and years, I can also guarantee that some cravings will eventually pass and be fulfilled by other foods! The trick here, when you become vegan, is to do it at your own pace, without pressure nor drastic cuts.

9. Plants feel pain too, right?

No. They don't have a central nervous system or brain, so plants can't feel pain.

10. Do you go to the zoo?

A bit like honey, I think it depends on the person. Someone who has a vegan diet may decide to go to the zoo. However, a person who has a vegan lifestyle usually doesn't go to these kinds of places. Zoos are a form of animal exploitation where animals are removed from their natural habitat to often live in difficult and stressful conditions. It's an ethical question here. Even though I like seeing majestic animals such as gorillas and rhinos, I would rather see them free on my television than locked in cages!

Hopefully this answers a few questions that some people may have about a vegan diet and lifestyle!

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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