10 Reasons to Love Summer

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We cannot lie; summer is probably our favourite season for a multitude of reasons. In this article, we share with you 10 reasons to love that hot and sunny season. We hope that our love for summer will be contagious, and don't forget to put sunscreen on!

10 reasons to love summer

The older I get, the more I love summer! I notice that I am much happier and more fulfilled during this season. When I asked myself why here are the 10 reasons that came to me. If you're like me, you'll totally understand. If you don't really like summer, I strongly recommend you to read this article to fall in love with this season!

1. Heat

To be able to leave home without having to put on three layers of coats and not die of cold. Wearing shorts and little dresses is so wonderful!

2. The return of the picnics

I am a BIG picnic lover. I find it super easy to prepare. A few raw vegetables, a sandwich, a salad, a cold drink, chips and voila!

3. Being on vacation

Most people take their vacations during the summer to enjoy the good weather and/or children's summer vacation. Now is the perfect time to relax!

4. The days are longer

The short winter days depress me a lot. Darkness is very hard on morale. With the long summer days, I have more time to do lots of activities and enjoy the outdoors.

5. Bathe

Even if you don't have a swimming pool at home, there are many possibilities for enjoying a good summer swim (lake, ocean, sea, public swimming pool, water games, water park, etc.)!

6. Seasonal fruits and picking

Who says summer, it also says blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, peaches, cherries and so on! So much fresh and delicious fruit to enjoy. U-pick is also a super fun activity to do with the family.

7. The return of the terraces

Who isn't super excited about ​​going on a terrace to have a little aperitif with a good plate of nachos !? I only have good memories spent on a patio in the sun!

8. All summer sports

Summer is the season when I move the most! Paddleboarding, swimming, biking, kayaking, hiking, running, tennis, beach volleyball, etc.

9. The smell

If you have not yet noticed that summer has a unique smell, I invite you to stop for a moment to go out and take a breath of fresh air. You will see that the heat, the flowers and the grass have a very particular smell that I like!

10. Eat a good ice cream

I don't know about you, but I can't eat ice cream when it's cold. This sweetness is therefore reserved for the summer! What could be better than enjoying a good ice cream after a long day in the sun?

With the beautiful sun warming us for a few months, we must not forget to hydrate well and put on sunscreen every day!

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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