8 decoration ideas for Summer

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What's not to love about Summer? It's time to celebrate the return of warm temperatures, outdoor BBQ and pool party! In our opinion, the best way to prepare your space for the warm season is to add some quick and easy decorations. It really adds to the Summer experience!

8 decoration ideas for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and I'm the kind of person who loves to change their decor with the seasons. To help you, here is an article that offers 8 decoration ideas to change and/or have at home so that you can feel summer as much inside as outside!

1. Table's center

The first decoration I change every season is always my centrepiece. I like to go with a white vase filled with dried flowers (like baby's breath and eucalyptus) for summer.

2. Fruit bowl

A super beautiful decoration that is practical too! A large bowl (I like the wicker or white ceramic ones) filled with fruit (preferably citrus fruits) to add colour to our kitchen.

3. Pillows and throws

Without changing the pillows completely, I like to change the covers of it. I favour bright covers such as yellow, rosemary and creamy white for the summer. Same for the throws, I like to go in summer colours or those that contain floral patterns.

4. Candles

Another thing that I replace with the seasons is the candles! Not necessarily for the decorative side, but so that the smell is adapted to the season. For summer, I like lemony, floral or fresh scents (like a mint or eucalyptus smell).

5. Plants

Summer is the time to change our old plants that have unfortunately not survived the winter for new plants that love the sun.

6. Exterior lighting

Nothing better than small warm lights to light up your yard or balcony!

7. Outdoor wreath

An idea was taken from my neighbours across the street. Every season they change the wreath hanging on their front door, and that's a great idea. For summer, it's a flower crown!

8. The dishes

My in-laws have some super lovely summer dishes, and I envy them. When we eat at their place, they take out their beautiful summer plates of a little pale blue with flowers, and I find it so festive.

These ideas will help you decorate your home to be the brightest for the summer. With that, I wish you a beautiful sunny summer!

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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