Cooking, a Healthy Activity!

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Take some time to cook, either alone or with your family. This is such a relaxing moment that we need to enjoy a lot more. Here are some benefits to cooking your meals at home!

Cooking, a healthy activity!

Are you a person who cooks a lot? Personally, I haven't always cooked as much as I do today! When I moved to an apartment a few years ago, cooking meant boiling water to cook my pasta and heat my sauce in the microwave. Then I became vegan and started cooking a lot. I already knew this was an activity that I enjoyed doing, but I just didn't take the time to do it anymore.

Cooking makes me happy for several reasons… The discovery of new foods and new recipes, the little moment of relaxation that it gives me and the satisfaction of eating your own meal!

Why do I say that cooking is a healthy activity?

1. A social moment

If you like to cook on your own, it becomes a moment for you only. But if you enjoy cooking surrounded by people, if it's your partner, your children or your friends, it becomes a great time to socialize! It allows us to share and discuss our tastes and to discover new flavors together.

2. A moment for yourself

If, like me, you prefer to cook on your own, then you can see it as a moment for yourself. Cooking is really good for my mental health. I refocus on myself, my needs, my little space. It often allows me to clear my mind, and it calms me!

3. Live the present moment

I strongly advise you to cook while creating a small space, far from your cell phone. It can become a great time to practice mindfulness. Watch the food we cut, the smells released, the texture under our fingers and the taste in our mouth! Paying attention to all those little details is a lot more relaxing than you think.

4. Vary your diet

We often say it, but cooking allows you to discover new foods and, at the same time, to vary your diet. The more varied our diet is, the better! Make sure you have a bit of all the nutrients while having fun preparing them.

5. The pride feeling

Finally, cooking your meal makes us proud! After spending several minutes in the kitchen, what could be better than sitting down to enjoy your own meal cooked with so much love? It's so satisfying and enjoyable as a sense of accomplishment.

Hoping that it makes you want to cook more often and that this activity does as much good for you as it does for me!

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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