Easy Tips to Drink More Water

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Water is essential for our living, and so is drinking it! Consuming enough water helps your body achieve its daily tasks. If you are trying to drink more water during the day and have trouble achieving it, give this article a read.

Easy tips to drink more water

It’s no longer a secret; We are often told that drinking more water is good for our health. Our bodies and organs need water to function properly.
Drinking more water also leads us to be more energetic, to have better digestion, healthier skin, and hair, etc. There are a lot of benefits to it!

However, when we want to start drinking more water, it can be difficult. Water does not taste much and can, therefore, be considered "boring."

Then how to integrate this habit more into our lives?
Several tips can help us do this gradually.

Here are a few

• Fix goals
First, the goals must be realistic. If you only drink two glasses of water a
day, don't try to drink eight glasses overnight. It won't be very easy to succeed. Instead, try adding a glass of water a week and gradually increasing it.

You can also set hour goals. For example, you tell yourself that by noon you want to have two glasses of water. To help you, add reminders on your cell or computer or even write it down in your calendar!

• Have a graduated bottle of water
This visual tip can be a good idea to make your goal more concrete. You only have to buy a bottle of water for the amount of water you want to drink in a day *. A 2L bottle of water could then be perfect! You then take a permanent marker and write on the bottle how far you want the water to decrease depending on the time of day.

You start from the top and draw, as an example, a line and "10 am" next to it. You do the same for different times of the day until the bottom of the bottle. It allows you to see how much you've drink over the day, whether you are behind or ahead of your water consumption.
* Take a bottle that is not too expensive so that you don't mind writing on it.

• Add flavor
The quintessential thing when you start drinking more water is to add flavor! It immediately becomes more exciting, and it is easier to drink large quantities. Several choices of flavors are available to you.
You can dilute a little bit of our Vegan BCAAs in it. Our Pink Lemonade flavor and Lemon Iced Tea flavor are delicious. In addition to being tasty and good for you, they will provide electrolytes, so you stay hydrated. Find out how by reading this article.

Also, try them in sparkling water for an excellent non-alcoholic cocktail!
You can add fresh fruits and herbs to your water and then let them steep for a few hours. Some interesting mixes are cucumber & mint, strawberry & raspberry, strawberry & mint, watermelon, and cucumber.

• Start the day with a glass of water
Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up is a way to start the day feeling more energized. When we wake up, we are naturally more dehydrated. Our body expects us to give it water (rather than direct coffee: a dehydrating drink).

Like every other habit, drinking more water will come as soon as you practice it. Try those tips and start feeling better!

Also, having a glass of water already on our counter is an easy reminder!

By Priscilia Vaillancourt
Writter at RAW Nutritional


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