Hosting for the Holidays in 5 steps

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Planning your holiday festivities can be overwhelming at times... Don't forget to read our tips to be well-prepared for this season coming up! Being organized for these special events is a must, and it will help you reduce any related stress.

Hosting for the Holidays in 5 steps

This year, we will be allowed to have guests during the holidays, and that's wonderful! On my end, it will be my first Christmas in my new home, and I will certainly take the opportunity to host. However, it comes with some preparation, and it's important to be well organized.

So I present to you the 5 essential steps to receive well during the Holidays...

1. Make your menu

You need to start by creating your menu! We choose an appetizer, a main dish and a dessert. During the holidays, I personally like to have a lot of choices (pie, baked potatoes, stew, etc.). It's best to choose recipes that are easy to prepare ahead of time, and don't forget to have a nice presentation to make it as appetizing as possible. To avoid cooking too much, we can also offer a "potluck" formula where everyone brings a dish already cooked!

2. Choose the beverages

It's super important to remember to have variety when it comes to beverages! Obviously, we make sure to always have water at the table. Otherwise, everyone has different tastes, so I like to have a lot of choices. I make sure I have wine, beers and spirits. I also equip myself to make some festive cocktails, and it is essential to also have alternatives for people who do not drink alcohol!

3. Think about decorating

When we receive for the holidays, it must be festive! For that, you need beautiful Christmas decorations. It can be a big tree or some minimalist decorations like a well-decorated centrepiece. No need to overdo it and spend a fortune either... Just add small embellishments to get in the holiday spirit!

4. Don't forget the atmosphere!

If we have Christmas decorations, it already adds a lovely festive atmosphere. However, I also suggest dimming the lights and lighting a few candles. Not only does it smell good, but it adds a warm atmosphere. Plus, I always have music playing in the background. Not too loud, but just enough so that the little moments when no one is speaking are filled with pleasant music. Obviously, I suggest you put a playlist with holiday songs.

5. Plan the course of the evening

Finally, we plan the evening. Do you want to play board games? If so, you have to prepare which ones and when you want to play. Since it's Christmas, is there a gift exchange planned? If so, you have to plan how to do it (like doing a draw in advance)!

With these 5 steps, I think you have everything you need to host during this holiday season!

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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