How to Be or Stay Motivated Concerning Training?

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Training should not be drudgery. It is supposed to be done in a healthy way, to have fun, to move your body and free your mind. Find some tips on how to be motivated towards exercising. 

How to be or stay motivated concerning training?

This question comes up very frequently when it comes to training. Many people wonder how to be motivated or stay motivated when exercising.

What you need to understand first is that there are often several factors that explain the decrease in motivation. By modifying or eliminating them, you will already be more motivated.

We will see them together a little further down the blog.

Secondly, we also need to put forward a super important concept when we talk about motivation:

Action precedes motivation.

Often, we think it is the opposite when it is entirely false. If you wait until the motivation to come to move, unfortunately, it may never come. Instead, if you decide to move (with the factors that we will discuss below) then, you may slowly see the motivation appear.
So: The more you take action, the more it will be present. Once you recognize this principle, it makes the process much simpler. It’s not necessarily easy to take action without motivation, but knowing it can push us a little more to do it.

What are the other factors that can influence your motivation?

1) The time of the day you train
If your schedule is packed, you might find it hard to take time to workout, or you only have one time available in the day. Therefore, you cannot change this factor. Then, move on to the next factor, and try to maximize your training as much as possible.

On the other hand, if you have some flexibility in your schedule, it is important to think about when you decide to train. Is it the right one? Do you really move when you have the most energy? When would be the most beneficial for you?

For the majority of the population, this time happens to be in the morning. This is the time of day when we have the most energy. On the other hand, to avoid getting up early, most people go there after work. Keep in mind that it is normal to have less motivation after a day at work. On the contrary, in the morning, it might help you to be more focused and productive. To find out, do some tests and see the effects on
your motivation.

2) The type of exercise
Very often, when people want to move, they immediately think of the gym. However, this environment and this type of training are not for everyone. We are all different and should find a physical exercise that suits us. Just this small factor can make a huge difference in motivation.
There are now so many ways to move: swimming, running, outside group training, dancing, circus, etc.

Ask yourself what you enjoyed doing when you were young. Could
you sign up for a course that looks like this activity? Because you have to remember that to be motivated, you have to have fun! The more fun you have on the move, the more you will want to repeat the experience.

3) Why you train
The big question: Why do you want to train? What is the real reason?
If it is an external reason? ; To achieve a particular physique, because your spouse or your doctor advised you to do it? Because you want to look better in the eyes of others, etc.
Well, you will inevitably be less motivated.
External motivation is always much less effective and more ephemeral than internal ones.

You have to find a reason that comes from you, for you and only concerns you. Also finding a positive reason will have more impact on your motivation. For example, you workout because you want to feel stronger, you want to develop your cardio, or because you love yourself (not because you hate your body).
Your perception of why you train has a significant impact on your motivation. Asking yourself the right questions and setting realistic and positive goals can help you be more motivated or maintain that motivation.


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