How to Survive the Lack of Sun Light?

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It's well known the amount of light that we are exposed to makes a real difference in our mood. That's why we tend to be more groggy and have less energy when the sun sets earlier in the colder months. Here are 5 tips for surviving this change of luminosity.

How to survive the lack of sun light?

I love the months of September to December. Fall is my favourite season and the arrival of the holidays and the first snow make me very happy. However, it comes with a price: Lack of sun. We can already see that the days are much shorter. I wake up in the morning, and it's still dark outside. Also, the sun is setting earlier, and the upcoming time change will not help!

Unfortunately, this lack of light often leads to seasonal depression and a drop in our mood in general. I am not an expert on seasonal depression, but I know it often results in a lack of energy.

I propose here 5 tips to apply to help a little in this more difficult period :

Light therapy

Light therapy has been proven to help combat the harmful effects of lack of sunlight. There are various light therapy lamps available in the market. The idea is to expose yourself to this light for about 30 minutes a day (ideally in the morning). I'm thinking of getting one this year!

Move with pleasure

It is well-known moving helps the mood! It is certain that with the arrival of cold and darkness, certain outdoor activities will have to be put on hold. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from finding a pleasant and possible activity to practice in cold weather. Whether it's simply a walk in the mountains, yoga sessions, group classes or a stationary bike at home, finding a way to move that you like is essential!

Eat well

Eating well is essential to maintaining a good energy level, like moving. In addition, the cold and gray weather often makes us want to spend more time in the kitchen. I invite you to click here to find good tasty, and comforting recipes to cook! It might also be worth speaking with a pharmacist for Vitamin D supplements.

Have good home lighting

Over the years, I have realized how important it is to feel good at home, which often involves lighting. I love warm, dim lighting. I feel good. On gray days, I turn on a few lights, especially several candles, to get a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere. Choose the right bulbs and light sources if you like whiter and brighter lighting!

Fill up on the sun

Finally, if your schedule allows it, I strongly recommend going outside to make the most of the sun's rays. Whether it's for a coffee break in the sun or a walk, your body will certainly thank you!

Of course, these pieces of advice do not replace a consultation with a professional such as a psychologist or a doctor. If you feel the need, do not hesitate to consult.

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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