Is Veganism Right For You?

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Have you ever wondered if veganism is for you? Maybe you are not sure you want to try these new lifestyle habits; no matter what is holding you back, read this article which will shed some light on your own choices.

Is veganism right for you?

It's normal, at first, to think that veganism might not suit you best; To think it's too complicated or extreme.

I have been through this time before and thought the exact same thing.

But it is possible to completely answer the question by thinking about several points that I will present to you. Take the time to think about and to connect with what comes to your mind. There is no identical person or situation, so reflecting on your own thoughts is important to do.

Your values

Have you ever really taken the time to reflect and put on paper the values that are most important to you?

How do you know if you are living in harmony with them if you have never taken the time to do so?

First, start with this step. Then ask yourself if eating meat and / or animal products meets your values.

Do you feel any discomfort or a certain contradiction? For example, you realize how much you love animals and how respect is important to you, but you also feel that continuing to eat meat goes a bit in the opposite direction.

If this is your case, veganism is surely for you.

It will allow you to take concrete actions according to your values and you will probably feel better about it in the long run.

For the flavors

You might think veganism isn't for you because you don't like salads or love cheese too much.

Think again :

1 - Veganism is much more than salads. Especially today: there are more and more new vegan products, restaurants, meals and recipes. It's constantly booming and there's no shortage of flavor. Most vegans even say that transitioning to a vegan lifestyle made them fall in love with cooking. They have discovered a new world of flavors and realize that their meals are much more varied than before. I can also tell you that this is exactly what happened to me.

2 - It may be very surprising, but you can, more easily than you think, go without cheese. I know it seems impossible to you. I was thinking the same thing to myself. However, it’s a matter of habit. The less you eat it, the less you will want it. Also, the more vegan cheeses you eat, the more you will develop your taste for them and love them. At first, they might taste odd or bad, but in the long run, you will learn to like them. You just have to give them a chance and try some recipes (I have to admit, there are some that are definitely better than others as well).

For health

Do you think veganism is probably not for you because of your fear of nutritional deficiencies?

This is a worry that comes up often, but know that, for the majority of people, veganism is not going to lead to deficiencies. On the other hand, it is important to ensure that you eat a varied diet in addition to taking B12 supplements as suggested by several health professionals.

I still recommend that if you want to make any changes in your diet, talk to your doctor or nutritionist based on YOUR health and values.

In the end, veganism is for you if you want to feel aligned with your values and want to discover a new world of flavors. If so, start with one change at a time and educate yourself. We do have several articles on the blog, to learn more about veganism.

By Priscilia Vaillancourt
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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