Last-minute Gift Ideas

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December passes too quickly, and you haven't had the time to finish your Christmas shopping yet? You can now relax; we have prepared a perfect list of last-minute holiday gifts for you.

Last minute gift ideas

We are already only a few days away from Christmas! Time passes so quickly that you probably didn't see the months of November and December go by... Not everyone gives each other gifts during the Holidays, but if you ever have a gift exchange with your family or friends and are very last minute, this little list of gift ideas can certainly help you.

Offer an activity

The activity can be a gift certificate for a spa, a restaurant, a sport (a day of skiing, skating, kayaking or climbing, for example), a facial, a massage or a pedicure. If the budget allows it, we can offer a package for a weekend in a nice hotel.

Offer time

This is a gift that is generally very popular with parents. We are so busy with life that we sometimes don't have the time to spend quality moments with our loved ones. I love creating little special days as a gift. For example, last year, I offered my father to go for a bike ride and end this ride with a good brunch. It's usually inexpensive and makes you happy!

Personalized calendar

Several websites allow you to create personalized calendars. All you have to do is find meaningful photos of the person you are giving the gift to! That's a nice touch.

Candles and/or plants

I am a big fan of candles and plants. I can never have enough! It's obvious that you have to know a little about the person's tastes to find a plant and a candle that will go well with their decor, but it's a great gift to offer.

Bottle of liquor

If the person likes to drink alcoholic beverages, it is always pleasant to receive a good bottle. Whether it's wine, spirits or microbrewery beers, it's a gift that can be kept for a while and that we don't always allow ourselves to buy.

Gift card

As a last resort, offering a gift card from a store that the person likes is always very useful! No matter the amount, it will allow her to treat herself to a little something she will like.

This a little reminder that any gift can be accompanied by a little sweetness, such as chocolate, a hot chocolate mix, candy or whatever kind of sweetness the person likes.


By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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