New mom, my tips for taking care of yourself

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Becoming a new mom is a journey filled with both joy and challenges. With the demands of caring for a little one, self-care can often take a back seat. However, understanding the importance of looking after oneself is key to maintaining balance and well-being. We share five practical and effective tips for self-care amidst the busyness of motherhood.

New mom, my tips for taking care of yourself

Whether you are a new mom or a mom for a while, this article can help you! I have been a mother of a little girl since January, and I am still learning to care for myself despite my lack of time and energy. Taking care of a baby is extremely exhausting and demanding, and it can be challenging to prioritize occasionally. On the other hand, as we often say, a happy mother equals a happy baby!

Here are my 5 tips for taking care of yourself :

Take some of your mental load off

Phew. This is really not obvious, but so necessary. How to do it? DELEGATE. To who? To their spouse. To the other parent. Suppose we are alone, to family members who can come and help us. Otherwise, organizing your weeks and days well is a great help. For example, give yourself small, very realistic tasks to do daily. For example, it's more encouraging to do just one task than not having time to do five.

Take a baby break

I am guilty of not doing it often enough here, but it is so important. Ask the other parent (or a trusted relative) to take care of the baby while they do an activity for themselves. And I'm not talking about going to the grocery store. I'm talking more about a pedicure, a massage, dinner with a friend, or anything to relax!

Get spoiled

It's always good to treat yourself. With a baby, he is the one who goes first in shopping, but remember that it also feels good to buy clothes, small decorations, flowers, candles, new accessories to move outside, etc!

When baby is asleep

It's so easy to want to catch up on cleaning, washing, dishes and meals when baby is in bed. I understand it is important to do this, but occasionally take advantage of this moment to relax^! A small series in front of the television, a little aperitif outside or why not a nap?

Define our needs and name them

Finally, I invite you to take the time to think about what makes you feel good (other than being a mom and spending time with your baby). What values do you have? What makes you disconnect? What makes you feel good? Name your needs to your loved ones so that they encourage you to take time for yourself. Write down your needs on a small piece of paper where you can see them as a daily reminder of how to take care of yourself!

I want to end by congratulating all the parents. It's a full-time job that requires a lot of patience, and it's important to remember yourself in all of this!

By Katia Bricka
Writer for RAW Nutritional


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