Positive Thinking

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How to stay positive towards challenges in your life without being toxic? It could be a little bit difficult to find the right balance. We give you more answers, tips and examples in this article on how to integrate positive thinking to live a fulfilling life.

Positive thinking

It's no surprise to anyone if I say that positivity is essential to living a fulfilling life. Obviously, not everything is always perfect, and it is important not to fall into what is called toxic positivity. It is normal to experience negative emotions sometimes, and it is vital to experience them fully. On the other hand, it can be beneficial to opt for positive thoughts in specific contexts.

I am no expert on positivity. However, I have long tended to be more harmful than positive. In the long term, it ends up affecting morale. So I developed some tips to feel more fulfilled, and I share them with you right here.

Focus your energies on positive experiences

We may receive negative feedback or that an event (such as a presentation) does not go as well as expected. It's normal to feel disappointed and sad. A little introspection can sometimes even be helpful. On the other hand, I suggest focusing our energies on our old experiences or positive comments received in the past. We tend to let the negative take up much more space than the positive when receiving feedback from those around us.


Practicing self-compassion is about being kinder and forgiving to ourselves. Learn to love, encourage and be kind to yourself. It's about welcoming your feelings without judgment, allowing yourself the right to make mistakes and accepting yourself as you are. I invite you to read on the subject. I have been practicing self-compassion for about a year, and it gives me a great feeling.

Work on letting go

Personally, if something unexpected breaks my routine, negativity takes over. Practicing letting go is a great goal that quietly allows me to be more flexible and more in control of my negative emotions when the unexpected happens. To achieve this, I try to tell myself that negativity is useless in certain situations. I welcome the unexpected, and I try to find the small positive aspects that it generates. For example, if I have to pick up my boyfriend in the city, but I hadn't planned to go there, I take the opportunity to listen to a good podcast while driving and stop off at my favourite coffee place.

Finally, every night, I try to find at least three positive aspects of my day. It can be a positive comment, a delicious meal I ate, my sunny morning walk, anything! I end my day with these sweet thoughts, making me feel good.
I hope these tips will help you adopt positive thinking in your daily life!

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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