Spring cleaning : my 5 tips

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It's that time of year again: you open your windows, take the trash out and play your favourite playlist for spring cleaning! Even if it seems really simple (and it is!), some tips can never hurt, no? Find your gloves, and be prepared to dust it off!

Spring cleaning : my 5 tips

The end of winter and the mild temperatures setting in are a sign that spring cleaning is upon us! This change of air makes you want to open the windows of your house, sort out your things and clean them up. Honestly, I've always loved this tradition. Probably because, in general, I'm a clean freak (oops!), but also because I love sorting through my things. Living in a clean and organized environment is always pleasant.

However, it can quickly become overwhelming to want to do a spring cleaning. I give you here my 5 tips to help you see more clearly!


In my opinion, planning is pretty much always essential for any task that we want to undertake in our life. We take a sheet and a pencil, and we make a list of everything we want to do in the house and outside. We put everything in order of priority. Then, we try to calculate the time that each task will take, and we make a realistic and not too overloaded calendar where we divide the tasks!


It's time to sort it out! Both inside the house (closet, playroom, kitchen, office, workshops, bathroom, etc.) and outside (shed, garage, swimming pool, balcony, etc.). We take out everything we have and sort out what is to be given away, sold or thrown away. It's pretty incredible the number of things that are no longer used in a house. We tend to accumulate too much. This little cleaning will do a lot of good, you'll see!


Once everything is sorted and taken out of the cupboards, it's time to wash! We remove the dust, we pass a damp cloth, and we disinfect. Again, go with your priorities above all else. For example, cleaning the oven, and kitchen drawers, pulling out large furniture to remove dust, cleaning carpets and curtains, etc.

Good vibe

An important tip, have a nice atmosphere! It can quickly become intense and exhausting to do a big cleaning. The trick to make it all fun? Please don't do it alone! Do it with your partner and/or your children. Put on some good music, bring out drinks (alcoholic or not) that are fun to drink and don't be shy to sing and dance!

Equip yourself well

Finally, it is essential to be well equipped before cleaning everything. What will you need to clean the yard, for example? Bags to pick up the leaves? Or, make sure you have a good disinfectant for the house, sponges, a feather duster, etc.

Finally, don't put too much pressure on yourself. Don't overload your schedule. Keep your priorities in mind, and the rest will come later in the year!

By Katia Bricka
Writer for RAW Nutritional


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