Tips to Vary Your Diet

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Day after day, we often get caught up in our "food" routine and cook up the same meal, week after week. You might change your dinner here and there, but how about a whole week of new dinners and lunch? This article will give you some ideas on how to vary your diet.

Tips to vary your diet

I think we all fall into the same trap: we always cook the same meals, it starts to become redundant, we lack inspiration ...

It can even become a vicious circle. In the long run of always doing the same thing, we have no idea what we could do to do it differently.

This is where the tips I'm going to share with you may come in handy. They will help you bring some creativity and novelty to the kitchen. In my opinion, it is with these two elements that one can also continue to have fun preparing good meals. Pleasure is essential to have more motivation to do so. Do you see how, this time, we rather enter a positive circle?

I invite you to try it. Dare to bring something new into your kitchen.

Tips to vary your diet:


A fun way to cook differently. You can choose a theme for the whole week or just a day or two.

You could choose a country and explore the typical recipes of it. It could be China, Argentina, France, etc.

You could choose an atmospheric theme such as the sugar shack, brunch, a chic evening, etc.

There are many options available!

Discover a new book or recipe site

Each week choose a book or recipe site and make your full week menu with it. Dare to try new recipes and think outside the box.

The following week, change books or sites!

To avoid buying ten new books, you can borrow them from the library. They even offer digital versions. It's a good way to discover new recipes without breaking the bank.


Another way to bring variety.

Example to make it more concrete: not always buy the same types of pasta, legumes, proteins. If you like how your body loves a certain type of food, keep it but rotate it. You can buy two different types of pasta at each grocery store and explore the different recipes made with them.

Just by varying foods this way, your meals will be less redundant.

Discover new food

You can decide, for each grocery store, to discover one new food and a recipe with which you can cook it. It will allow you to discover new flavors and bring a little more creativity into your kitchen.

You could try a new vegetable, an exotic fruit, jackfruit (very good in pulled pork), tempeh or even textured soy protein.

Try favorite recipes from friends and family

Make a call to all your friends and family members. Ask them to send you their favorite recipes and prepare your weekly menu with them.

It will also be a good opportunity to interact with them. Maybe their recipes are even related to good memories that they will be happy to share with you.

Are their recipes not vegan? Try to see if you can transform it or even find a vegan version already existing on the internet.

Give a challenge

Challenge yourself to spice up your kitchen.

As an example, decide to make homemade pasta, homemade bread or another dish for the first time that you will be really proud to have made yourself.

By Priscilia Vaillancourt
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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