Top 10 Activities To Do as a Couple

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Whether you are in a long-term relationship or with a new lover, it's possible you will need some couple or date activities sooner or later. Why not pick one idea per month for the year? You can each take your turn for who decides the next activity!

Top 10 activities to do as a couple

I don't know about you, but my husband and I sometimes run out of ideas for our little romantic evenings. After more than 8 years, we need more inspiration! It's essential for us to set aside one evening a week where we are only him and me together. So I decided to create this little list as a reminder of fun activities to do with your partner.

I'm sure this will help you :

1. A stay away

A little "road trip" does not have to be extremely expensive. It can only be a night away from home, in an Airbnb, a hotel, or a small cabin. No need to drive for hours either! It's surprising how much driving an hour or two can be enough to feel like you're on vacation.

2. Skating in the forest

This idea is specific to winter. I invite you to do a little research to find a magnificent ice rink in your area. Every year, truly enchanting places have skating rinks in the woods, surrounded by trees and conifers, and it is absolutely magnificent.

3. Stroll and hot chocolate

A stroll can be a short walk in your favourite neighbourhood, village or city. It can also be a hike in the woods. In any case, walking hand in hand and taking a short break to enjoy a good hot chocolate and warm up is always a winning formula for having a good time.

4. A moment at the spa

Regardless of the season, a moment at the spa (whether in the morning, afternoon or evening) is always absolutely wonderful. Take a moment to relax with your partner in a heavenly place. What more could you ask for!

5. A one-on-one dinner

Here I suggest having dinner at your favourite restaurant or discovering a new restaurant that has been eyeing you for some time. If you want a more economical option, nothing prevents you from preparing a romantic dinner at home. A good fondue, lit candles, dim lights and voila!

6. Cinema, theatre or comedy show

If a good movie interests you at the cinema, take the opportunity to go on a romantic date. Nothing better than a good movie and some popcorn. If not, could a play make a change? Or, the favourite evening of my lover and me, a comedy show! This option may seem expensive, but I invite you to research bars that organize low-cost comedy evenings in your area.

7. Tasting evening

Why not have a tasting evening if you love beer, wine, spirits, cocktails or mocktails? Everyone must take care of finding three drinks to taste, and you have fun savouring it all together. Why not make a guessing game to add a little fun?

8. Morning in pyjamas or going to brunch

Two great options here. The first option is to stay home in your pyjamas, drink good coffee and listen to your favourite movies and series glued to the couch. The second option is to get dressed, get ready a little and go out for brunch in a small breakfast restaurant in the neighbourhood (they are best).

9. Create a keepsake

A more original idea here: Spend some time creating a good memory. For example, my boyfriend and I love to create photo albums of our travels, our summers or a particular event. It brings back beautiful memories while allowing you to use a little creativity!

10. Cut yourself off from screens and play games

The last idea, we put aside cell phones, computers and television. We take out the board games, and we play! A quieter and more isolated moment can do a lot of good.

I hope that all these ideas will allow you to spend wonderful moments with your better half!


Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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