What To Do During the Fall Season

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The beginning of a new season is the best time to tackle more activities on your bucket list! The fall season offers us the perfect temperature for outdoor and indoor activities. Here are 5 ideas to try in the next weeks.

What to do during the fall season

Fall is by far my favourite season. The temperature is in-between between the hot summer and the cold winter. I find it so lovely to let the fresh air into the house, light a few candles, and be cold enough to snuggle up in blankets.


I'm often too hot in the summer to want to do outdoor activities (especially this summer since I'm pregnant and I can't tolerate the heat at all). And in winter, I'm often too cold to stay outside for very long. Therefore, in the fall, I am most active and leave the house the most!


Here is a list of outdoor and indoor activities to do this fall!


Hiking or biking

There is nothing like observing the beautiful fall colours in the middle of nature. Personally, I love hiking. It allows me to relax and breathe fresh air. The sound of the leaves under my feet makes me so happy! If you're more of a cycling type, you can also do several incredible nature hikes on your bike. If it's colder, don't forget to bring a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate to warm you up!


Halloween Movie Day or Night

In the fall, the gray and rainy days are more numerous. Some people find it difficult for morale, but for my part, I love this kind of day! They make me want to wrap myself in a big blanket and watch movies all day. So this fall, I invite you to take advantage of these days (or evenings) to choose two or three good Halloween movies to watch! As a bonus, we add candies to maintain the Halloween theme.


Apple and/or squash picking

The famous activity. Honestly, it's a classic, but I can't get enough of it! I love going apple and squash picking. Not only is the activity fun, but afterwards, it leads to my next activity, you can cook lots of great recipes.



In the summer, many people cook a lot less. It's hot, and we don't want to spend hours near the oven. We often go with salads or grilled on the barbecue. On the other hand, with the colder weather, we start cooking again! Autumn is the perfect season to make stews and soups with the picked squash. It's also the season for little sweets like brioches, pies, donuts, cookies and compotes! For more ideas, I invite you to read this article: What does fall cooking mean? 



Finally, I end with an activity that adds a lot of joy to my life: Decorating! At the beginning of September, I decorate my house for the fall (seasonal candles, autumn leaves, wreath on the door, cushions and themed blankets). Then, at the beginning of October, I decorate the exterior of my house for Halloween. There is a way to make decorating sessions so pleasant! Put a little fall movie in the background, or listen to Halloween music and drink your favourite hot beverage (here, it's a pumpkin spice latte).


That's all my little ideas, but there are many others (visiting a haunted house, a maze in a cornfield, going to the spa, renting a chalet, etc.).

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional 


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