5 Reasons Why Your Should Choose A Vegan Protein Powder (Rather Than Whey)

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If you've been debating whether or not you should make the jump and try a vegan protein powder instead of your whey protein, than give this article a read. There are many perks of consuming Vegan Pro and switching to plant-based protein supplements.

5 reasons why you should choose a vegan protein powder (rather than whey)

Whey protein powder is often the first kind of protein powder people turn to. However, there are several reasons why the majority should rather favor a vegan version; This is what we are going to see today. Maybe it will make you want to change your protein powder.

1- Easier for digestion

It is a disadvantage that many live, but that few dares to say out loud and clear: the protein powder that contains lactose is challenging to digest. After consuming it, many feel discomfort or intestinal gas.

It may not be sexy, but it's the truth! A large part of the population has difficulty digesting dairy products in general or is even intolerant. It's normal for your body to have a hard time processing the product when lactose is the base of it.

It is a big perk for your stomach and digestion system to switch to vegan protein powder. It is much more pleasant afterward. And generally speaking, when our digestion is optimal, we tend to have more energy, to be more concentrated and in a good mood. It’s quite beneficial!

2- For animal welfare

Another point to consider: Animal ethics in connection with the dairy industry. Indeed, for cows to produce milk, they must give birth. Without that, they don't provide any substances. Dairy cows spend their lives getting pregnant, giving birth and then having their babies taken away within a few days.

And, like us, cows feel affection for their newborn. We are not the only living species that have feelings and emotions. They often even cry out in pain at the time of separation, like we would do.

I remember a visit to an animal shelter I made last summer. The owner rescued a calf that had just been separated from her mother and would be slaughtered if she did not take it. She told me how the calf cried out for days and nights in pain of being separated from its mother. It breaks my heart to know that!

This is another reason why vegan protein powder can be a good option; You are not participating and encouraging the dairy industry.

3- For the ingredient list

Several protein powders have an endless list of ingredients. Also, for the most part, the majority of the ingredients tell us nothing. Isn't it a little worrying, not knowing and understanding what we put in our body?

I can't speak for other vegan protein powders, but I know the list of Raw Nutritional Vegan Pro is short and understandable. That’s a big YES for me. I want to be able to read the ingredients without ending up with a headache, and this is possible here.

4- the taste

Ah.. There are so many protein powders that taste extremely bad on the market, and I think we’ve all tasted one (or more) in our life.

The good news is that in general, vegan ones are not worst than whey. They often have a more natural taste to it, and the texture can be sandy, but don't worry, I got you cover here. Raw Nutritional has nothing of the bad vegan protein powder (and whey) you already tested.

You can taste the good and natural flavors offered without an aftertaste, without the taste of freshly cut grass or an odd texture. Oh yeah !

5- For our planet

Overall, vegan protein powders have a better ecological footprint than those containing dairy products.

If you want to be more aligned with your values and if the environment is one of them, then thinking vegan protein can be a good start of change. It is through small changes like this that we can really make a difference in the well-being of our planet. It’s essential for us as well as for generations to come.

Do you see how much more interesting protein powder is in several ways? It's definitely worth a try!

Order a Vegan Pro to have a pleasant first experience.

By Priscilia Vaillancourt
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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