Why do I prefer Vegan Pro to other protein powders?

April 16, 2021

Why do I prefer Vegan Pro to other protein powders?

Why do I prefer Vegan Pro to other protein powders?

When I became vegan, I discovered vegetable protein powders and quickly saw the wide variety available on the market. I started testing several of them, and I was never satisfied. They were often way too expensive, the flavors were always the same (mainly chocolate and vanilla), and, above all, there was always a particular aftertaste that I didn't like at all.

A friend introduced me to RAW Nutritional's Vegan Pro almost three years ago, and I've been consuming it every day since! I immediately fell in love and here is why...

1. Affordable price

First of all, do we agree that protein powders can be VERY expensive?! It's quite surprising... I could say that this is what first attracted me to the Vegan Pro: Finally, an affordable price! In addition, if the large format seems too big, there are several sizes that may suit your needs and your budget.

2. Easily digested

I have experienced several intestinal discomforts while consuming vegetable protein powders, but never with the Vegan Pro. The ingredients used do not cause me bloating, which is also one reason why my partner consumes them daily!

3. No aftertaste

As I said at the beginning, the protein powders I've tasted in the past all had a pretty nasty aftertaste. I can guarantee you that the Vegan Pro absolutely doesn't have that. 

4. Varied flavors

Speaking of taste, the Vegan Pro flavors are extremely varied (Maple Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee-Wafers, Butterscotch, Cookies & Cream, Very Berry). There is something for every taste! This variety also allows you not to get tired of consuming it since there is always a choice.

5. Vegan (and soy and gluten-free)

Obviously, the Vegan Pro is vegan and therefore contains no milk. Not only that, but it's also gluten and soy-free. It is, therefore, perfect for people with allergies and/or intolerance.

6. Perfect texture

Finally, its texture is PERFECT. With the Vegan Pro, the smoothies are creamy and smooth, and the smoothie bowls have a perfect consistency. I have never been able to achieve such a beautiful texture with other vegetable protein powders.

7. Little extra...

Vegan Pro can be consumed in a thousand ways! Click here to have access to many recipes (cookies, muffins, brownies, etc.).

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional

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