2-ingredients Nicecream (vegan + Protein)

5 minutes

This is a "base" recipe for many more! 

2 Ingredients put together to create the perfect consistency, the perfect taste, and of course, a flavor that you can switch whenever you want for the one you really crave. 

2-ingredients Nicecream (vegan + Protein)

Having a big bowl of a freezing, melting, soft and flavourful substance isn't the best thing ever? A bit like when you get a big scoop out of the Vegan Ice Cream Tub, but without the gum, the added sugar, the artificial flavors, and the other unnecessaries add-on!

Of course, this "Ice Cream" always taste like banana, with different flavors combo, the one you are craving the most in fact, is up to you!

Here we used the Maple-Vanilla Vegan Protein; So you can guess how sweet and delicious it is! Adding coconut on top and a filet of grapefruit makes me feel like I'm in the tropic; One of the best combo!

But you can easily do it with chocolate chip added to have a vanilla-chocolate ice cream. Also, using the Coffee-Wafers Vegan Pro, makes literally the final product tastes like cake batter if you let it melt a bit.

3 Frozen bananas
1 scoop Maple-Vanilla Vegan Pro

Toppings of your choice!


1. Put the 2 ingredients in a high-speed blender, and blend for about 1 minute. It will get more and more fluffy/thick.

(Let the bananas thaw a bit if you doubt your blender is strong enough)

The combos are endless with Nicecream, which makes it suitable for any occasion. You want it for lunch? Use 3-4 bananas

As a snack? Use 2 or 3

What're your favorite ways of enjoying Banana Ice Cream?


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