Healthy Magnum-style Berry Nice Cream

July 01, 2021

Healthy Magnum-style Berry Nice Cream

Healthy Magnum-style Berry Nice Cream

Are you ready for our healthy magnum-style berry nice cream? Vegan, easy to make, just a few ingredients… A PURE delight!

Preparation: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Freezing time: 10 minutes

Ingredients (2 servings)
For the chocolate shell:
4 tbsp Chocolate chips of choice
2 tsp Coconut oil
A pinch of salt

For the nice cream:
4 Frozen ripe bananas
1/2 cup Frozen raspberries
2 tbsp Vegan Pro - Very Berry
2 tsp Vanilla extract
2 tsp Maple syrup
2 Pinches of salt
1/2 cup Cream or plant-based milk of your choice


1. Melt the ingredients for the chocolate shell in the microwave or a bain-marie. Mix and set aside.

2. In a blender, reduce all the ingredients for the "nice cream" to a smooth puree. 

3. Divide into 2 Mason jars of 250 ml each (fill them to the rim, then flatten by removing the excess with a knife).

4. Pour the melted chocolate over the nice cream to cover the top completely. Freeze for about 10 minutes or until the chocolate shell is set. Enjoy!

By Your Wellness Corner
Writers at RAW Nutritional

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