Nourishing Green Pesto Pasta

15 minutes
What's not to love about this Nourishing Green Pesto Pasta recipe? It's quick to whip up, so fresh and full of great nutritious greens to help you reach your health goals. It's a win-win-win!

Nourishing Green Pesto Pasta

Who doesn't love a good bowl of pasta? It's even better when you can sneak in some healthy greens and a lot of flavours. Be prepared to dig in!

Ingredients (1 serving)
2 cups Fresh basil
1 cup Fresh baby spinach
1-3 Cloves of garlic
Juice from 1-2 lemons
¼ cup Walnuts
½ cup Nutritional yeast
1 tsp Alkaline Greens
¼ tsp Sea salt 

Method :
1. Place all the ingredients in a high-speed blender or food processor

2. Blend until you reach your desired consistency.

3. Add the pesto to pasta, & garnish with fresh basil and red pepper flakes

Note : 
You can enjoy this pesto in a variety of ways! Try spreading it on bread, mixing it into a soup, or using it as a dressing for buddha bowls.

By Christa Maria
Writer at RAW Nutritional
website :
Instagram @christa.maria


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