Plant-based Oreo® Tiramisu

10 minutes
When an Italian classic meets a childhood favourite! This plant-based Oreo® Tiramisu has everything you want in a dessert: it's creamy, chocolatey, satisfying and 100% vegan. You'll surely impress your guests next time with this simple and quick-to-put-together recipe.

Plant-based Oreo® Tiramisu

I remember being so surprised to learn that Oreo® cookies are vegan. I was convinced that due to its white frosting, they contained dairy products. Well no! It's a wonderful surprise to learn that I can continue to cook with these delicious little cookies.

This recipe features mostly Oreo® cookies but also Vegan Pro Cookies & Cream flavor. The taste is, therefore VERY present, and all fans of this cookie will be satisfied!

Ingredients (3 servings)
300g Soft tofu
1/3 cup Icing sugar
15 Oreo® cookies
2 tbsp Vanilla extract


1. In a food processor, mix the tofu, Vegan Pro, icing sugar, vanilla and 4 cookies until smooth and creamy.

2. Roughly chop the remaining 11 cookies.

3. Divide a third of the cookies into 3 small containers add half of the cream. Repeat this step, ending with the cookie crumble.

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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