Raspberry Punch Smoothie Bowl

5 minutes
Raspberries are really a favourite in the RAW Nutritional's team: they are sweet yet tart and so juicy. That's why we love this Raspberry Punch Smoothie Bowl so much! With its pink colour (thanks to the Goji berries powder), even kids won't be able to resist!

Raspberry Punch Smoothie Bowl

Think Kool-aid red punch flavour, but with some much more nutritious and delicious ingredients! 

Ingredients (1 smoothie bowl)
1 cup Frozen raspberries
1 Frozen banana
1 cup Amond milk
1 tsp Pure Organic Goji

Method :

1. Blend all the ingredients together.

2. Transfer to a bowl, add your toppings of choice.

3. Enjoy!

By Christa Maria
Writer at RAW Nutritional
website : dishingupplants.com
Instagram @christa.maria




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