Watermelon - Berry Slush Smoothie

5 minutes
Watermelon and berry go well in a smoothie, and even more when you can turn it into a nice slush! This recipe is a mix between both and offers a delicious flavor combination. On hot days, this recipe is a life saver.

Watermelon - Berry Smoothie

This recipe is perfect for summer: it is ultra-refreshing, is quick to make, has plenty of protein and tastes delicious.

It is THE ideal drink to sip on by the pool or simply to start a day that promises to be hot.

In addition, this recipe allows you not to waste your watermelon leftovers, when it's becoming less fresh. You only have to freeze them and put them in this slush/smoothie!

Ingredients (1 smoothie)
1 Frozen Banana (peeled, in pieces)
1 large cup Diced Frozen Watermelon (we want it to be a little over the cup)
1 cup Plant-Based Milk
1 teaspoon Frozen Blueberries (optional, but gives color)


1. Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix until a slush texture. (Since the texture is thick, you can help your blender and stir the mixture a little by hand from time to time.)

* You can add more watermelon to a more pronounced watermelon taste.

By Priscilia Vaillancourt
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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