10 Bamboo Straws + 1 Brush Cleaner - Pack



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Product Description

Handmade bamboo straws made from 100% natural & organic bamboo; An eco-friendly way of drinking your daily smoothie.

Bamboo straws are a fantastic alternative to plastics straw, being biodegradable, reusable, beautiful and cut from nature.

The brush cleaner is the tool you need to facilitate the wash of your bamboo straw.

Using only water, minimal soap or even none and this brush, you can have a deep clean and remove any extra food/liquid left in your straw after use.

Our FDA approved bamboo straws can be used hundred times, and reduce waste on this planet a little more at every sip.

No more throw-away straws, bamboo straw is the new way to go!


Product Highlights:

- 100% Natural & Organic
- Reusable
- No artificial glues, lacquers or ink
- Easy to clean; use a soft cloth
- Food Safe
- Hand Crafted
- Made from Real Bamboo
- From fair Trade farm
- Biodegradable & eco-friendly


Size Details:

Length of straw is 20cm


Recommendation use:

- Do not use for hot foods (if it's too hot for your skin, it's too hot for this straw)
- Rinse after use to avoid getting anything stuck in your straw
- Gently Hand-wash with lukewarm soapy water and brush cleaner for a 100% deep wash
-Do not use in the dishwasher or soak for an extended period.
- Do not expose your straws to extreme heat
- Not recommended for refrigerator, microwave, oven or dishwasher.