Bamboo Straw - 5 Units Pack



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Product Description

Handmade bamboo straws made from 100% natural & organic bamboo; An eco-friendly way of drinking your daily smoothie.

Bamboo straws are a fantastic alternative to plastics straw, being biodegradable, reusable, beautiful and cut from nature.

Our FDA approved bamboo straws can be used hundred times, and reduce waste on this planet a little more at every sip.

No more throw-away straws, bamboo straw is the new way to go!


Product Highlights:

- 100% Natural & Organic
- Reusable
- No artificial glues, lacquers or ink
- Easy to clean; use a soft cloth
- Food Safe
- Hand Crafted
- Made from Real Bamboo
- From fair Trade farm
- Biodegradable & eco-friendly


Size Details:

Length of straw is 20cm


Recommendation use:

- Do not use for hot foods (if it's too hot for your skin, it's too hot for this straw)
- Rinse after use to avoid getting anything stuck in your straw
- Gently Hand-wash with lukewarm soapy water and brush cleaner for a 100% deep wash
-Do not use in the dishwasher or soak for an extended period.
- Do not expose your straws to extreme heat
- Not recommended for refrigerator, microwave, oven or dishwasher.