10 essentials for a one-day hike

August 19, 2020

10 essentials for a one-day hike

10 essentials for a one-day hike

Hiking, one of my favorite activities of all time!
I feel so good when I'm in the mountains and discovering new landscapes. The simple sound of nature calms me down! The hikes really allow me to relax.

Over time, I learned that it is important to be well-prepared, at the risk of experiencing some misadventures if you are not (some anecdotes will follow below). So, take your prettiest hiking backpack and make sure you have all of these things! 

1 - Food

I put this one first because GOD that’s vital (ok, not as much as water, but almost)! It’s super essential to bring A LOT of food. You will never regret having too much in your backpack, but if you miss some, it can really ruin your day.

I remember being so hungry on a VERY long hike in Corsica that I was no longer able to contemplate the beautiful landscape. I became extremely "grumpy" and irritable... Anyway, since then, I have learned my lesson! I always make sure I have plenty of food in my bag (nuts & seeds, granola bars, energy balls, crackers & hummus, etc.) and nor do I forget my individual portions of Vegan Pro.

To help you choose your flavor, make sure to read this one: How to choose the right protein powder?

 2 - Water

You should always have MORE water than not enough! I also learned that the hard way...
One day, my boyfriend and I decided to climb, not one, but two of the highest peaks in Quebec on the same day. I had brought only 750ml of water for this hike of about 6 hours... I can tell you that I have never been that thirsty in my life and, again, this doesn't only ruin your mood, but most of all, it can be pretty dangerous for your health if you are not hydrated enough!

3 - Sunscreen & mosquito repellent

I won't share all my anecdotes about painful sunburns and insect bites, but these 2 products are non-negotiable if you hike in nature!

4 - Windproof/repellent/waterproof jackets

Nature is always unpredictable! At some point, the sky can be completely blue, and two minutes later, it’s raining! So, it's always better to have a little something to protect yourself from bad weather. I recommend something light that won’t take too much space in your bag.

5 - Small first aid kit

An accident can happen very quickly while hiking, such as cutting yourself with a wooden stick, falling face first, or just having a sudden and terrible headache. A small first aid kit (bandages, compresses, disinfectant wipes, painkillers) will fit perfectly inside your bag.

6 - Good hiking shoes

To avoid using your first aid kit, or even worse, having to call for help, I would recommend that you shop for a good pair of hiking shoes. Protecting your ankles is essential and not all types of boots can.

7 - A trail map

Usually, in Quebec parks, you can always get yourself a mountain trail map. If there is one, take it!
Sometimes, my boyfriend and I are not sure if we're still on the right path and a quick look at it is enough to reassure us.
Can you imagine getting lost in the mountains? Just thinking about it makes me anxious!

8 - Tissues

It may sound silly, but I always have a runny nose when hiking.
Can we agree that sniffing for 4 hours can get very annoying? So, bring tissues!

9 - Cell phone

Why bring your cell phone on a hike when you want to clear your mind?
Well, you can always put it on "airplane mode" to avoid receiving notifications, but a cell phone is useful for taking pictures and keeping beautiful memories. Even more practical, if there is an emergency, you will be extremely happy to be able to communicate with emergency services!

10 - Sunglasses & hat/cap

Not necessarily essential, but it's a great idea to protect your head and eyes from the sun. Even if it's cloudy, the sun is still out there and it can become harmful to our fragile little bodies.
Besides, in the same line of thought as the others, can we agree that it doesn't take a lot of space in a backpack?

So, those were my 10 essentials that I always bring on a day hike. I suggest that you print this list (or even create your own) and keep it near for your next trip!

Have a good hike!

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional

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