10 reasons to love Spring

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Spring season can have a bad rep. Allergies, melting snow, mud, hot and cold temperatures... But it can also be a wonderful season to enjoy nature! New flowers, the return of birds and the warmer sunshine. Be ready to update your Spring bucket list!

10 reasons to love Spring

To be honest with you, spring has long been my least favorite season. I found that it was synonymous with mud and that it smelled bad… For almost ten years, I have been in a relationship with a great lover of spring. I must admit that thanks to him, I am also in love with this season!

So if you're like me before and spring puts you off, this article might help you appreciate it more. Here are 10 good reasons to love spring :

1- It's renewal! I often have the impression that life is put on hold in winter. Everything is frozen and covered in snow. I find it beautiful, but there is also something sad. As if nature were "dead." In spring, nature comes back to life!


2- It is also the first… Terraces! Oh god, I love having a good beer on a terrace with a cool wind and the sun warming my cheeks. The first terraces are the best, in my opinion.


3- We celebrate Easter! What better than a long weekend to get together with family and eat chocolate?


4- The time of the sugar shacks. With us, it's a family tradition to go to the sugar shack to enjoy good comforting meals and eat far too many maple taffy.


5- In spring, the temperature is ideal. Indeed, the great cold of winter is behind us, and the big heat waves are still far ahead. This leaves room for a perfect temperature!


6- The days are getting longer, and it does a lot of good for morale. When it is dark at 5 p.m., I have the impression that my day is already over. The sun that wakes up early and sets late, nothing better to fully enjoy the days.


7- It's time for spring cleaning. I love to do a thorough cleaning of my house. I invite you to read my article Spring cleaning: my 5 tips to help you!


8- We put away the big winter clothes. Finally, we remove our coats, hats and boots that take up too much space at the entrance. You can also store oversized woollen sweaters to make room for lighter clothes.


9- It's the return of picnics and barbecues! Nothing better than a little picnic or the smell of a good barbecue with friends.


10- The flowers come out, and the trees bloom. I love seeing the beautiful green leaves finally appearing on the trees to bring some life back to nature. The little flowers starting to come out also make me very happy!


As a bonus, cold and flu season is over! Well, we can still get sick, but much less, let's say. It's good news!

By Katia Bricka
Writer for RAW Nutritional


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