How to add spirulina to your diet

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Spirulina, a stunning blue-green microalgae available in powder or tablet form, boasts incredible nutritional properties. Incorporating it into your diet is a breeze with Raw Nutritional's easy-to-use spirulina powder. Check out the 7 health benefits of spirulina in this informative article.

How to add spirulina to your diet

Spirulina contains very interesting nutritional properties. What is it exactly? It is said to be a microalgae. It is usually found in powder or tablet form, and its blue-green colour is absolutely stunning! Raw Nutritional also offers a spirulina powder that is very easy to incorporate into daily recipes. To learn more about its benefits, I invite you to click here.

5 ways to consume spirulina in your diet :


1- Smoothies

Spirulina can literally be added to any smoothie. Just add a small amount for the benefits to be there but also for the colour of your smoothie to become gorgeous! Here are some ideas:


2- Sauces and dressings

We don't think about it, but spirulina can be added to any pasta sauce. A bit like a spice; add it to your preparation. It is essential to respect the quantity proposed on the packaging so it doesn't taste too much. If your sauce is very tasty, spirulina's taste won't be noticed. Pouring into the dressing is the same. Add a little bit, and your dressing will have a beautiful and appetizing colour, and your salad will be even more decadent!


3- Hot or iced beverage

Again, adding spirulina to your beverages (lemonade, coffee, matcha, juice, tea) is a very simple idea.


4- Popsicles

For hot summer days, popsicles steal the show! Why not add a touch of spirulina to refresh yourself while savouring each benefit?


5- Homemade snacks

I invite you to add a little spirulina to your homemade snacks (like muffins, granola bars, energy balls and cookies). It will neither be seen nor known!


Raw Nutritional's Pure Organic Spirulina Powder is an excellent addition to any recipe since it's powdered. For more details, I invite you to read this article 7 health benefits of spirulina that you may not know.

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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