How to Survive the Heatwave?

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Long hot - very hot - days are just around the corner. Here are a few tips on what you must do to prevent yourself from suffering from these heatwaves. Discover our 6 little pieces of advice right now!

How to survive the heatwave?

Summer rhymes with swimming, tanning, cycling, hiking, barbecue, but also with heatwave! Heatwave days are arriving earlier and earlier than we have seen this year, and unfortunately, not everyone has an air conditioner in their home or even a swimming pool.

To survive the hot weather, it is important to put in place a few strategies!

I recently moved into a house with a central air conditioner and a swimming pool. However, I have lived without both for a long time! So I found my own ways to get through the hot weather without it being too painful...

1. Use fans

Fans have long been my best friends. Ventilating the house helps circulate the air, and even if the air is warm, just having a breeze on your skin makes you feel less suffocating.

2. Take a cold shower

One of my better tips is to take a VERY cold shower (without touching the hot water) just before going to bed! I make sure to wet my hair to feel the freshness as long as possible.

3. Meals WITHOUT cooking

Choose meals that do not require any cooking. No one wants to turn on the oven or a hob when it is already very hot in the house. It is better to eat salads, dips and vegetables, smoothies and no-bake or frozen snacks!

Here are some great recipe ideas for hot weather...

4. Drink a lot of water

It's no secret that staying well hydrated is essential (and even more during a heatwave). You can have fun adding flavors to your water like lemon, lime, fresh mint or fresh basil!

5. Do activities in air-conditioned places

If staying at home becomes too painful, it is always possible to go out! There are several air-conditioned places accessible to everyone, such as shopping malls, libraries and museums. You can even invite yourself to friends who are lucky enough to have an air conditioner!

6. Find a place to swim

The heatwave can become a great opportunity to discover new spots! Whether it's going for a swim in a river, finding a new beach not too far from where you live, or going for a swim in the neighbourhood pool, it creates a small activity that makes a difference.

I know that hot temperatures can be stressful for many people, and it is sometimes hard to tolerate. I sincerely hope that my tips can help make the heatwave times less difficult!

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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