Goji & Acaï Smoothie Bowl

5 minutes
Customized smoothie bowls must be one of the best refreshing meal! The fact that you can change any ingredients to create a new recipe is really enjoyable & satisfying. You crave a cacao meal, then cacao it is! Do you want something more refreshing and tropical? Then Bananas & mangoes are your go-to! This berries smoothy is refreshing, filling & packed with nutrients! Add your favorite superfoods to your fruit base and you are ready to eat!


Smoothie bowls are one of my faves! Why?
--> you can customize them every time you want depending on your cravings
--> You can make them large or small, depending if it's a snack or a meal
--> You can create them to have more carbohydrates, more fats, more proteins, and vice versa depending on your needs
--> You can add any kind of superfoods into it
--> The toppings are endless
--> They are refreshing
--> They look so yummy and esthetic almost everytime
--> They are easy and super quick to wipe up

Here is the recipe for this one!

- 1 cup blueberries
- 1 cup strawberries
- 1/4 cup alfalfa sprouts
- 1 tsp 100% Pure Raw nutritional Goji Berry powder
- 1 tsp 100% Pure Raw nutritional AçaÏ Berry powder
- 1 serving Raw Nutritional Maple-Vanilla Vegan Pro
- 200-250ml Plant-Based milk (depending on the thickness you want)

1. Add everything in a blender/food processor, and blend until you've reached a homogenous and thick consistency
2. Top with everything you desire & serve in an eco-friendly handcrafted coconut bowl, enjoying it with a wooden spoon.


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