Protein Breakfast Dip

5 minutes
This sweet breakfast dip is easy to prepare! Dunk your favorite fruits and enjoy a sustainable snack. It takes only five ingredients to create it, and we're convinced everyone will love it!

Protein Breakfast Dip

Here is the perfect breakfast to break out your routine. Besides being quick and easy to prepare, it's an absolute delight. On my first attempt, it was a success and a big crush for my mom. Kids and adults will both appreciate it for sure.

A quick and sustaining breakfast thanks to the Maple Vanilla Vegan Pro and yogurt, which both contain protein. You can also make it a snack or even a dessert to share.

Ingredients (One serving)
1 Apple
½ cup Plain plant-based yogurt
1 tbsp Natural almond butter
2 tbsp Vegan Pro - Maple Vanilla
2 tsp Organic Chia Seeds
1 tsp Maple syrup
2 tsp or more Water (Optional to obtain the desired texture)


1. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients with a spoon.

2. Cut the apple into quarters and enjoy it dipped in your mix.

By Popote ta vie
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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