7 Incredible Health Benefits of Chlorella Superfood

November 04, 2019

benefits of chlorella superfood

Chlorella is a Superfood (rich in healthy nutrients) that is found in the form of single-celled green algae.

Chlorella is known to have tremendous health benefits because of the high content of many important nutrients, including protein, vitamins, iron and antioxidants.

Research shows that these green algae are effective in improving cholesterol levels as well as for natural detoxification of the body when consumed as a supplement. Read this article to know more about the various health benefits of Chlorella and the best way to take it for maximum effect.

Health Benefits of Chlorella

organic chlorella

1. Highly Nutritious

There is a reason why Chlorella is known as a “Superfood.” It is rich in some of the most beneficial nutrients, including Protein (with all nine essential amino acids), Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Iron (6-40% DV), antioxidants, and trace amounts of potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper and other minerals.


2. Natural Detoxifier

Animal studies involving Chlorella confirm that it helps detoxify heavy metals and radiation from the body. (1)

Some heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and iron can be dangerous if present in large amounts in the body. Chlorella supplements may help naturally reduce the levels of heavy metals.

3. Improves Immunity

Studies conducted on both humans and animals show the visible benefits of Chlorella in improving immunity and helping fight infections. (2)

In men, it may help boost the production of antibodies that help fight invaders in the body. Also, it is known to help increase immune activity in adults who take on a constant basis. (3)


4. Antioxidant Benefits

Chlorella is a good source of many important antioxidants, including vitamin C, lycopene, chlorophyll, and others.

It contains antioxidants that are needed by our body to be able to fight free radicals which are responsible for many chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. These may also help reduce the symptoms of diabetes. (4)

5. Controls Blood Pressure

A study shows that Chlorella consumption may help reduce blood pressure in people who consume it on a regular basis. (5)

Also, Chlorella may be effective in keeping your heart and kidney health, ensuring normal blood pressure levels.

6. Improves Aerobic Endurance

A study of Chlorella’s role in improving endurance showed positive results, as all the contestants showed significantly improved aerobic endurance post taking six grams of chlorella for four weeks. (6)

*Endurance is the ability of human lungs to saturate oxygen.


7. Reduces Cholesterol

A number of studies suggest that chlorella may positively impact cholesterol levels in the body by reducing LDL and other cholesterol. (7)

Even though there is not much research to support the claims about the various other chlorella benefits, it certainly is a superfood in terms of rich nutrition content.

Since Raw Chlorella is found in the form of algae and has a hard cell, it is not suitable to be consumed or digested as it is. The best way to enjoy its benefits is through a supplement in powder or tablet form. I recommend Pure Chlorella Powder by Raw Nutritional. It is rich in phytonutrients, including amino acids, and helps detoxify heavy metals and reduce oxidative stress.

Chlorella Infographic:

Chlorella Infographic


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