7 Amazing Health Benefits of Goji Berries For Skin, Eyes, Liver and Kidney

October 31, 2019

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Goji Berries For Skin, Eyes, Liver and Kidney

You must have heard about Goji berries and their speculated health benefits from many health and fitness experts. This organic plant’s medical usefulness has been first observed in China by health practitioners.

Around the world, Goji berry powder is popular for treating issues related to the eye, liver, and kidney among mortals.

But are they really beneficial for health as an organic plant?

This question has been frequently asked by many fitness freaks. So let’s find out the amazing health benefits of Goji berries:

Rich Source of Essential Body Nutrients
Goji Berry Nutrition Value

Goji berries are popularly known as wolfberries and are a good source to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals for your body like vitamin C, fiber, iron, zinc, vitamin A and antioxidants.

The high amount of fiber present in Goji berries minimizes blood sugar levels in your body; hence, you can avoid the risk of low or high body blood pressure.

Safeguard Immune System

Immune System

Goji berries are a great natural plant source that protects and boosts your body’s immune system. Goji berries also provide protection against flu thanks to the vitamins present inside.

According to a health study in 2014, Goji berries were highly effective in improving the flue resistance capabilities of vaccinations applied to aged mice. (1)

The results from the study also indicated that goji berries were also effective to prevent subsequent infections in human bodies who have received flu vaccinations.

Although one must keep in mind that goji berries are not a permanent solution to flue; hence, you should get the necessary flu prevention injection every year.


Abet Potential Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Goji berries also pack a good amount of energy and can be taken in small servings. The pleasant sweet and sour taste - somewhere between dried cherries, raisins, and cranberries, high-fiber content, and proteins present in goji berries allows you to stay fit and healthy. You can add them with salad, the same way you use raisins.

The low-sugar, low-carb and high-fiber nutritional value of goji berries makes them a perfect aid during weight loss.

Bolster Eye and Skin Health

Eye and Skin Health

As per various health studies, goji berries contain a high amount of antioxidants, especially zeaxanthin, which protects human eye cells from breaking down during the high smoke and radiation.


One of the studies also reported that older age people, eating daily dietary supplementation with goji berries for 90 days were found to have less hypopigmentation and fewer drusen or yellow deposits in their eyes. (2)

Stabilizes blood sugar Level

Blood Sugar Level

If you are a person with a sweet tooth than goji berries are a perfect source for you to maintain blood sugar level as well as improve sugar tolerance in your body. Eating goji berries also ensure faster recovery of insulin-producing cells and improve insulin resistance in the body.

Boost Sexual Fertility

Boost Sexual Fertility

Goji berries have been long recognized in the Asian continent for boosting sexual fertility among people. The results from one study on rats also found that goji berries also help in increasing the overall sperm quantity, improving sexual ability,  maintaining testosterone level and shortening erection periods. (3)

Health experts have also suggested goji berries as an alternative to prescriptions used for erectile dysfunction.


Improve Stamina and Athletic Ability

Improve Stamina

Goji berries are great when it comes to improving the athletic ability, stamina, quality of sleep, calmness, and energy levels among human bodies.

A health study shows that people eating goji berries for regular 14 days have observed all such benefits in their bodies. (4)


If are a person who loves staying fit and healthy, then adding goji berries to your diet is a good idea. They pack all the necessary antioxidants along with more than 20 vitamins and minerals to keep you up and running all day long.

You can use high-quality, Raw organic goji berry powder to get all the benefits of Goji berry depicted as a superfood by many health experts. Using Raw organic goji berry powder will also help you get the necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for your body and boost your overall health.

Goji Berry Benefits Infographic

Goji Berry Benefits


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