What to Bring for a Short Road Trip?

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Who says summer, says road trip! We love making little road trips. For us, it can be a multi-day getaway as well as just one day out. We like to drive a lot, so we don't mind spending hours behind the wheel to see beautiful landscapes. Here are our essentials for your next road trip!

What to bring for a short road trip?

In this article, I will not give you an exhaustive list of things to bring on a trip (such as passports, underwear, shoes, etc.). I'm really going to focus on the specific things not to forget when you leave with your car for long hours of driving!


Here are my essentials :


Snacks and beverages

Always important to have something to drink and eat. Personally, I snack constantly. I recommend crackers, nuts, cookies, muffins and lots of water! Here are some suggestions for recipes to prepare in advance:


Good music

I suggest you create a road trip playlist on Spotify (or other platforms) and record the songs in advance so you can listen to them without WiFi. Any good road trip MUST have good music!


Pillows, blankets and comfortable clothes

When you spend several hours in the car, it is essential to feel good. So I suggest wearing joggers, leggings or your comfiest shorts! As a bonus, to comfort passengers, bring pillows and blankets for naps.


Phone charger

A big essential. Mainly to avoid running out of battery and no longer having access to your GPS or, even worse, to music!


A small list of all the stops on the route

When I have a final destination, I always try to find all the most beautiful attractions or points of interest on the road and write them down. In addition to discovering new landscapes, it allows you to take a short break from the road!


Road games

Finally, to pass the time, I strongly recommend bringing games. There are games specifically designed for playing on the road. Otherwise, there are always these classics :

  • Guess who 
  • Colour games
  • Yes nor no
  • Nouns that begin with the syllable X

Plenty of choices to never get bored!


Have a good road trip :)

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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