5 Tips For A Successful Morning Routine

July 08, 2020

Tips For A Successful Morning Routine

5 tips for a successful morning routine

Everyone goes through their morning routine their own way and it is important to have a routine adapted to your own needs and desires. However, there are a few beneficial tips to apply to help us start the day off right! 

Here they are:  

1- Drink a large glass of water

Before even having your coffee, it is important to drink a large glass of filtered water! Our body has not been drinking water for several hours and it is essential to hydrate it. This allows you to activate your metabolism and stimulate toxins’ elimination. You also feel more awake afterwards. If you have trouble drinking water in the morning, try adding lemon juice! Plus, it procures you a good source of vitamin C!

* Choose room temperature water. Too cold water can be hard on your digestive system.


2- Organize your day

This exercise can also be done the day prior. Organizing your day allows you to put on paper everything you have in mind. Your tasks seem clearer afterwards and this helps reduce the stress related to these tasks. Putting your ideas in order helps you manage your schedule better. The simple fact of writing down your priorities will relieve you considerably!


3- Think of 3 positive things

We often tend to start our day thinking of all the tasks that must be done and we can quickly feel overwhelmed. To avoid starting your day on a negative note, think about 3 positive things you have planned for your day. It can be a delicious evening diner you will have, or the TV show you will listen to with your lover after work... This habit allows you to start your day on a positive note and to feel less overwhelmed!


4- Take a few minutes to move

You don't necessarily have to work out in the morning to wake up your muscles. You can do a little stretching or light exercise (yoga, walking, etc.). The important thing is to take at least 5 minutes for this type of activity. This will activate your body and stimulate your blood circulation. It gives you the energy to start your day!


5- Breakfast

During our night fasting, our glucose reserves decrease. Breakfast allows us to increase the energy in our muscles and our brain so that we can face the day. A healthy breakfast should contain mostly complex carbohydrates, as well as proteins. It is also important to add fruits and/or vegetables to consume minerals and vitamins when we wake up! 

Here are some delicious well-balanced breakfasts to have: 

Obviously, our reality does not always allow us to have the time to take all these actions and you should not feel guilty about it. The simple fact of knowing that these tips exist will help you to plan your morning routine. Try them occasionally and you will see if they suit you or not!

By Katia Bricka
Writer at RAW Nutritional

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