All You Can Cook With Your Vegan Protein Powder

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Protein powder is often thought of as the shake of protein you take right after a workout. However, Vegan Pro allows you to do way more with your protein powder. In this article, find out many ways of using your Vegan Pro, so you up your protein intake in any way.

All you can cook with your protein powder!

Protein powder is such a versatile ingredient! However, it's easy to fall into habits and always use it the same way (or just run out of ideas). Today, I offer you different ideas and recipes to consume it differently.

You'll see, in addition to adding protein to the recipe, the protein powder will add extra flavor to it. It’s even more practical and interesting.

Ideas and recipes for cooking with Vegan Pro

The classic: in a smoothie

We start with the most traditional way. However, to make a change, try to be original with the flavors.

As an example, you could add vegetables. Worried they might take over taste? Read this article to learn how to make one that tastes good, and to know which fruit and vegetable combinations to prioritize.

The Vegan Pro allows you to create original combinations of flavors like:

  • Chocolate Vegan Pro and frozen cherries
  • Chocolate Vegan Pro and peanut butter
  • Maple-Vanilla Vegan Pro, spinach and oranges
  • Coffee-Wafers Vegan Pro, frozen bananas and oatmeal

In delicious cookies

It is the perfect option to add a touch of protein to a cookie snack or dessert.

There are several recipes you can try. There is something for every taste.

To your oatmeal

Great idea to make your bowl of oatmeal more interesting. Depending on the protein powder flavor you choose, you will have much tastier oatmeal in minutes. Also, the sugar content will probably be way lower.

Again, feel free to think outside the box and try new combinations.

As an example, try this delicious carrot cake hot cereal, made with oats.

With this original recipe, you will even be entitled to a portion of vegetables. Pretty interesting to start the day!

In pancakes

Adding protein to your pancakes immediately makes them more feeding. You can then start the day off right: with energy and a more complete meal.

Try this recipe for chai and maple pancakes.

A comforting recipe, ideal for tea lovers and offers a real change from classic pancakes.

If you are more in love with chocolate, try this recipe for chocolate and hazelnut protein pancakes.

In desserts of all kinds

Honestly, you can add protein powder to almost any dessert recipe. So the possibilities are really endless.

Cook some of the ones below and see for yourself!


In a vegan cheesecake (oh yes!):

In a chocolate bar (you really have to try it):

It is also possible to add it to donuts, cakes, brownies or blondies, etc. These are all recipes that you can find on Raw Nutritional. Explore our recipes section!

In a healthy, vegan ice cream

For an ice cream that is made in a few minutes, without an ice cream machine, and that you can even eat for lunch.

Try this excellent nicecream recipe that contains only two ingredients.

Do you see how versatile Vegan Pro protein powder is? It's impressive, isn't it?

Try different recipes and share with us which ones you like the most!

By Priscila Vaillancourt
Writer at RAW Nutritional


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