10 nut-free and easy snacks

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10 nut-free and easy snacks

You can't eat nuts, you have to prep nut-free snacks for your kids at school, or you don't love them; we have the solution for you! Here are our 10 easy snacks to enjoy nut-free! 


1- Vegan Nutritious Coffee and Chocolate Muffins

Sometimes, you feel like having a grown-up muffin, something with more depth of flavour. Our Vegan Nutritious Coffee and Chocolate Muffins recipe is exactly what you are looking for! They are so soft yet nutritious and packed with protein.


2- 10-Minute Maca Hummus

Hummus is, without a doubt, a great staple to keep in your fridge for a quick and easy snack. DIY hummus is cheaper, and you can choose which ingredients you add to it. Try to add superfood for a nice twist on the flavour!


3- Vegan Maple Protein Yogurt

This Vegan Maple Protein Yogurt recipe is the perfect example of versatility: it can be eaten for a quick breakfast, an excellent post-workout snack or even the perfect weeknight dessert with a couple of sweet toppings. What option will you choose next?


4- Maca Double Chocolate Chips Cookies

It's not our first cookie recipe on the blog, but it might be one of our favourites! With its chocolate and caramel flavours (thanks to the maca powder), it's the perfect treat to eat as a snack or a dessert, to share with someone or to keep all for yourself!


5- Giant Raspberry Turnovers

Your childhood memories are probably filled with yummy desserts, soft and gooey, from the little P. man. No shame on him, but we wanted to create a vegan and healthier-ish version. And why not add our superstar, the Vegan Pro!


6- Vanilla and Chocolate Energy Balls

Another energy balls recipe? Absolutely! We are literally obsessed with these Vanilla and Chocolate energy balls. And the best news : you won't have to choose between the 2 classics flavours, they are the perfect combo!


7- Chia Seeds and Mango Pudding

Discover a colourful way to add omega-3 to your meal routine; this chia pudding is packed with nutrients and a tropical taste thanks to the fresh mango and bananas in it. You will love this one!


8- Vegan Oreo Rice Krispies Squares

Enjoy a delicious bite at any time with this recipe. Using our Cookies N' Cream vegan protein powder, this one is a treat for all the sweet tooths out there! A perfect snack for your kids.


9- Cookies N' Cream Popcorn with a Pinch of Fleur de sel

If you are craving a sweet and savory snack right now, this is THE recipe to make. With only four ingredients, you will be thrilled with its taste. You will never be able to eat popcorn the same way again!


10- Healthy Date and Cranberry Cookies

Soft and chewy, oil-free and gluten-free, it is safe to say that you'll get pretty much everything you are looking for with this healthy recipe. Date and Cranberries bring a sweet and tart taste to those cookies, aa perfect blend of flavors.

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