Our most refreshing recipes perfect for Summer

When you think of Summer, you think of cool, juicy, fruity and refreshing recipes to enjoy outside. Popsicles, smoothies, lemonade and fancy drinks - we got it all on this list!

Our most refreshing recipes

Need something fresh to cool off this Summer? Here are some good ideas! 


Açai Berry Blast Smoothie Bowl

Are you ready for the most simple yet nutritious breakfast? Our açai powder is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, good fats, and fibre, a simple add-on to your meals provides a longer feeling of satiety throughout the day and many other benefits.


Chocolate Bubble Tea

Are you looking for a really fun and unconventional way to use our favourite product, the Vegan Pro? You are in for a treat with our Chocolate Buble Tea recipe! It's perfect when you need an afternoon pick me up or to enjoy with your friends.


BCAA Fancy Strawberry Lemonade

Working out can be a great excuse to serve you a fancy drink to boost your motivation. We invite you to try our BCAA fancy strawberry lemonade before your next sweat session and see how it can improve your mood and performance!


Strawberry Iced Matcha

Have you ever thought of adding some fruity jam to your matcha? Don't knock it until you try it! It surely adds flavours and creaminess to this already perfect summer drink.


Watermelon Mint Smoothie

Have you ever gotten up, and it's already 25 degrees outside? This temperature calls for our Watermelon and Mint Smoothie. It's so refreshing and boosted with Camu Camu. You can also add a splash of vodka or rum for a boozy slushie, we won't tell anyone.


Vanilla Tropical Popsicles

In this Vanilla Tropical Popsicles recipe, we used tropical fruits to achieve absolute freshness! Also, Vegan Pro Plant Protein Powder adds a creamy texture and vanilla flavour that goes perfectly with the fruit. Plus, it adds some protein to popsicles!


Strawberry and Camu Camu Cocktail

What feels more like Summer than cocktails and berries? This Strawberry and Camu Camu Cocktail is the perfect drink to bring at a picnic or to enjoy in your own backyard! You can also transform it into a mocktail, simply without the vodka.


Blueberry Pomegranate BCAA and Berries Sparkling Lemonade

Sober February is a great way to reach your health goals while giving your body a nice break after the holidays. No alcohol doesn't have to rhyme with tasteless - This BCAA mocktail recipe is perfect and refreshing for a date night with your lover, friends or even to treat yourself, why not!


Plant-based BCAA Ice Cubes

Adding BCAA ice cubes to your favorite drink is a fun way to support muscle growth, to help reducing tiredness and fatigue and also promote hydratation. Try this easy 2-steps recipe today.


Neapolitan Popsicles

Do you remember this treat as a kid? The famous Neapolitan ice cream with the three layers of deliciousness? Well, we do! And now, we would like to offer you a whole new way to enjoy it, plus a pinch of Vegan Pro.


Chocolate Banana and Peanut Pops

Enjoy these sweet chocolate popsicles and quickly get to the bottom to bite into the crunchy chopped peanuts—A few simple steps to get them out of your freezer rapidly!


Healthy Magnum-style Berry Nice Cream

Break the melted chocolate shell on top to discover a delicious fruity blend of nice cream. Two servings made for sharing with your loved one on a hot sunny afternoon!


Grapefruit Lemon Iced Tea

Rehydrate yourself with our freshly squeezed grapefruit beverage! If this isn't a tasty summer drink, I don't know what is. Pour some ice cubes into your favorite glassware, and there you go.


Oreo Ice Cream

This summer, scoop in this cold and sweet delight: a classic banana nice cream loaded with the famous Oreo. Bite into these cookie chunks! In a bowl or on a waffle cone, this is absolutely refreshing!


Protein Fudgesicles

This recipe is right on time for hot summer days! Enjoy our version of fudgesicles with a touch of vegan chocolate protein powder. You instantly get a completely refreshing snack that everyone will love!


Pink Banana Pops

Such a healthy way to refresh ourselves this summer! These banana popsicles only take five steps to make, and they'll be ready in no time. Enjoy them with some rainbow sprinkles to add some colors to your day!


Protein Iced Cappucino

If you're feeling like getting a refreshing beverage this summer, we created a stunning one! Iced cappuccino or iced coffee fans, with this bit of coffee wafers' taste, you will be satisfied at first sip.


Creamy Spirulina Popsicles

Looking for superfoods popsicles to have on hot summer days? Those creamy spirulina popsicles will totally do the tricks. Colorful, tasty and sweet everyone will be pleased. Made with only 5 wholesome ingredients, they are good for you!

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