Looking for vegan recipes? Ours are fully nutritious. On this page, you will find a recipe to please each and every taste. Made from our best-quality products, you won't be disappointed when you'll try one.

8 minutes


Açaï Berry yogourt Bark! Such a versatile snack that will please all your family. It makes a nice and colourful plate on your table, it is filled with micronutrients and taste so good! Give it a try and play around with different ingredients to create combinations that will suit all your craving.
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65 minutes

Vegan Maple Vanilla Blondies

Simple and easy recipe to do! No mixer or blender required. Vegan blondies like these are tasty, healthy, and pretty filling we must say. It is a great snack in between meals or a small sweet taste after dinner! You van give this recipe a try by tweaking some of the ingredients if they don't suit your diet. 

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30 minutes

Vegan-Paleo Salted Caramel Cookies

You will be amazed by how good they are. There's a perfect balance between the sweet of the caramel and the saltiness. Those cookies are healthy, super delicious and made with simple ingredients. You'll need to practice portion control on this recipe since they are insanely good. 
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5 minutes

Raw, untopped but nutrient-dense Smoothie

The more toppings, the more likes you'll get on your smoothie bowl pictures... 

You don't need all the crazy toppings on top of your smoothie/Açaï Bowl. The major part of the nutrients are inside your bowl. Focus on you and how to nourish your body instead of what will get you "Likes"

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20 minutes

Vegan and healthy edible cookie dough with superfoods

You won't be able to get over this amazing and simple recipe of Vegan Edible Cookie Dough made with Superfoods. Healthy, tasty and of course guilt-Free, it can't get better than that!
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10 minutes

Travel-Friendly Energy Balls - From Rachel Stein

One of the easiest ways to stay healthy while on the go (without spending a ton of money on prepackaged...

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